ComPLETE — Complex predicates in languages


During the years 2022-25, the ComPLETE project will bring together a typological database of complex predicates.

If you are a member of ComPLETE, you can access the online questionnaire from this link (contact the project's organisers to get your password).

Once enough members have added their contribution, the results will be published in the form of an open-access database.

Here is how you can cite the ComPLETE database:
Daniel Krauße, Katya Aplonova, Alexandre François, Martine Vanhove & Uyên-To Doan-Rabier. ()
The ComPLETE database: An online typological database on verbal complex predicates.
ANR-DFG ComPLETE project. Paris: CNRS. [access date: ]


Updated 19.3.