ComPLETE — Complex predicates in languages


The ComPLETE team

The ComPLETE project is primarily led by four linguists, whose research combines linguistic typology with expertise in specific language families:


Martine Vanhove is a Senior researcher at CNRS‒LLACAN, a Paris-based research department dedicated to the study of languages and cultures from Africa. Her primary focus are Semitic and Cushitic.

Alexandre François is a Senior researcher at CNRS‒LATTICE, a Paris-based research department specializing in theoretical and computational linguistics. His research focuses mainly on the Oceanic languages of the Pacific.


Walter Bisang is a Professor at the University of Mainz (Germany). He specializes in the study of East and Mainland Southeast Asian languages.

Andrej Malchukov also works at the University of Mainz. He is an expert of Manchu-Tungusic and Transeurasia in general, and has worked extensively on topics of grammatical typology.


The ComPLETE project has also recruited three junior linguists:


Daniel Krauße is a postdoctoral researcher at CNRS‒LATTICE. His project is to study the typology of verbal complex predicates in the area known as Melanesia.

Katya Aplonova is a PhD candidate at CNRS‒LLACAN. Her dissertation focuses on the complex predicates of Ginyanga, a Kwa language of Togo.


Patryk Czerwinski is a PhD candidate at the University of Mainz. He works on the morphosyntax and areal typology of the languages of NE Asia, in particular Tungusic, Japanese and Korean.


Project members

Members of the French team

Martine Vanhove llacan–CNRS
Alexandre François lattice–CNRS
Katya Aplonova llacan–CNRS
Daniel Krauße lattice–CNRS
Pascal Boyeldieu llacan–CNRS
Thi Uyên To Doan-Rabier ardis-CNRS
Sebastian Fedden lacito–Paris 3
Guillaume Jacques crlao–CNRS
Frédérique Mélanie‑Becquet lattice–CNRS
Ronny Meyer llacan–CNRS
Claire Moyse-Faurie lattice–CNRS
Sonja Riesberg lacito–CNRS
Stéphane Robert llacan–CNRS
Marie-Claude Simeone-Senelle llacan–CNRS
Lameen Souag lacito–CNRS
Yvonne Treis llacan–CNRS
Antoinette Schapper Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Xavier Bach University of Oxford
Denis Creissels Université Lyon 2 – DDL


Members of the German team

Walter Bisang Johannes Gutenberg ‒ Universität Mainz
Andrej Malchukov Johannes Gutenberg ‒ Universität Mainz
Patryk Czerwinski Johannes Gutenberg ‒ Universität Mainz
Peter Arkadiev Johannes Gutenberg ‒ Universität Mainz
Elena Skribnik Ludwig-Maximilians Universität München
Tom Güldemann Humboldt ‒ Universität zu Berlin
Lee Pratchett Christian-Albrechts ‒ Universität zu Kiel
Diana Forker Friedrich-Schiller ‒ Universität Jena
Otto-Friedrich ‒ Universität Bamberg
Geoffrey Haig Universität Bamberg
Martin Haspelmath MPI-EVA (Max-Planck-Institut für evolutionäre Anthropologie), Leipzig
Johannes Helmbrecht Universität Regensburg
Miriam Butt Universität Konstanz
Eva Schultze-Berndt The University of Manchester (UK)
Marianne Mithun University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB)
Robert Van Valin University at Buffalo & Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf
David Inman Universität Zürich
Marine Vuillermet Universität Zürich
Katya Gruzdeva University of Helsinki
Park Jinho Seoul National University




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